1. Zoom

Zoom burst onto the scene with video and audio calls, instant screen sharing, and cross-platform instant messaging – for free. With Zoom you can invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Zoom also has fun virtual backgrounds, co-annotating on screen sharing, and real-time whiteboard collaboration.

2. Scriptation

The #1 app used on thousands of productions worldwide is now Hollywood’s go-to software to read and mark up scripts from home. Scriptation is a PDF annotation app for your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows device that allows you to read scripts, make notes, share notes, and even intelligently transfer those notes into new script revisions.

3. Miro 

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables teams to work together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows. You can easily digitize handwritten sticky notes, add them to an online whiteboard, invite your team to collaborate just like on a physical whiteboard, upload images, docs, spreadsheets, and more to an infinite canvas.

4. Slack

Slack is a team communication platform that allows you to create chat threads for specific teams, projects, or topics. Tag people into conversations with a quick @ sign and direct ideas for separate threads with a # topic.  And Slack has a complete archive so you can quickly search through all messages to find old ideas and conversations.

5. TomatoTimer

Working from home can be incredibly distracting, especially if you don’t have a dedicated office space. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique. Essentially, you work for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, then get back to work for another 25 minutes (or a “pomodoro”). After four pomodoros, you get a 10 minute break.

6. Trello

Trello is the project management system that lets you track goals through boards, lists, and cards.  Track tasks and a project’s overall progress with checklists, labels, due dates, and assign them to members of your team.

7. WriterDuet

WriterDuet is a favorite screenwriting software among many in the industry because it was built for collaboration with features like real-time co-writing and in-app text and video chat. Work between different devices, visualize your outline with index cards, organize with custom tags, and more. And, WriterDuet has auto-sync capabilities so you can go from desktop to mobile device without missing a beat.

8. Calendly

Everyone hates those cumbersome email chains trying to decide upon a time for a meeting. Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails by giving your team a simple link to let you know their availability and preferences.  Just share the link, get responses, and the decided upon time is automatically added to everyone’s calendars. Easy peasy.

9. Screen 

Screen has a simple mission: make remote work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. In addition to voice and video-conferencing, Screen has screen sharing capabilities and multiplayer drawing and control, where anyone in the meeting can draw on the shared screen and also control it with their own mouse and keyboard, together. Schedule meetings via Google Calendar and start Screen meetings from within Slack.

10. Asana

Asana allows you to look at everything at a glance from immediate projects to major milestones. View tasks, teammates, and progress in list form, as a timeline, or as a calendar. Create multiple boards for different areas of focus.

11. Studiobinder

StudioBinder is a new way to streamline their production workflow for the 21st century. Offering web-based filmmaking software, Studiobinder can create and send personalized call sheets, organize calendars, create script breakdowns, build shot lists and storyboards, develop schedules, and send all of these to cast, crew, and clients.

12. Basecamp

Basecamp boasts that they are the all-in-one app for working remotely. Every project includes the tools all teams need to work together; message boards, to-dos, schedules, docs, file storage, real-time group chat, and automatic check-in questions.

13. Skype

Everyone knows Skype, the OG of video chatting software. Host video meetings, voice calls, chat, share media, and do it all for free via wifi.  You can even call landline and mobile phone numbers and send SMS messages anywhere in the world at affordable prices using Skype.

14. Frame.io

Frame.io is a collaborative space for filmmakers and clients to work together and give feedback. No more email chains with vague time stamps. Frame.io offers time based comments and video annotations so you can draw directly on video frames to accurately communicate your feedback.

15. Join.Me

Join.Me is a hosting platform for conference calls and video meetings. Chat, collaborate on whiteboards, share documents or your screen, record a meeting, give presentations with several presenters, and access anywhere from your computer, iPhone, or iPad.

16. Doodle

Use Doodle to find the best time for any event. Suggest a number of times and invite participants to select their preferences. You can get a consensus without all the hassle.

17. Monday

Much like other work management tools, Monday allows you to organize projects and assign tasks to your team. But, you can also effectively manage your team’s workload by seeing in real time who’s able to take on more work and who’s not by breaking down the time they need to complete tasks. Make adjustments to prevent missed deadlines and burnout.