Annotations that power note taking

Pen and paper, meet stylus and tablet.
Go paperless with tools to highlight, type, write, add photos, record sound, and more.

Precise mark up tools

With tools that intelligently recognize PDF text, Highlight, Strikethrough, Squiggle, and Underline all function precisely with your content.

Easily choose from a wide selection of colors and formats.


Draw with pen and markers

Use your stylus, finger, or mouse with fully customizable writing tools.

Adjust color, opacity, line weight, and more to maintain any system you like. Every tool remembers eight custom presets for use across all of your files.


Image and Audio Capture

Through Camera integration, Photo Library access, Audio Recordings and Hyperlinks, you can create, insert and link to media from right within your script.

With all of your digital content at your fingertips, annotate with any method you’d like.


Scriptation Team

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Save personal annotations

Save custom markings in a personal library, for continued use across all of your files.

When you go to Transfer, all of your Annotations automatically move forward to the new draft.


Dictate and scribble

Type content with a keyboard, speak into Siri, or even use iOS 14’s Scribble, a powerful handwriting-to-text converter.

It’s never been easier to take notes on your own terms.


Select a sticky note

With pre-made shapes and colors to choose from, there are tons of stickies at the ready for any custom note taking system.

Want a custom designed sticky? Attach a note to a Saved Annotation!


Scriptation has given me more time to think about planning shots, rather than copying notes. I’ve been able to go on location scouts with a full season of annotated scripts. That’s a huge gift.

I can add all kinds of information to my script during prep and transfer them instantly into revised drafts. A process that used to take hours, now takes seconds.

Michael Morris
Director, 13 Reasons Why

Bold and colorful stamps

Dozens of existing stamp designs live alongside a custom stamp creator, with options to personalize text, color, and automated date/time.

Work more efficiently by saving your Custom Stamps for ongoing use.


Design infinite shapes

Draw any shape with the highly customizable line, ellipse and rectangle tools.

Each tool’s Style Palette easily adjusts colors, line weight, opacity and more.


Attach notes to anything

With Scriptation, the power to add a note to every annotation helps keep your script from getting cluttered, and allows certain notes to stay private.

A discreet yellow sticky can live within any annotation. Just tapping on it presents the notes.

Feature breakdown

Annotations is one of the many reasons Scriptation is the must-have PDF annotation app for going paperless among Oscar and Emmy-winning directors, cinematographers, producers, and writers.

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