New script revision? Transfer notes in seconds.

Intelligently transfer annotations into new drafts with the tap of a button.
No more collating pages. No more recopying notes.

Transfer notes in seconds

Easily transfer all of your notes with one simple click. Our powerful algorithm intelligently transfers all of your notes to the newest script, saving hours of recopying notes.


New pages? No problem

Scriptation automatically collates revised pages into your own master script, and transfers all of your notes forward into the new pages.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Side-by-side comparison

Generate a scene-by-scene breakdown comparing two drafts of the same script. See what’s changed and where, with all insertions, deletions, and changes detailed out by scene.


Scriptation Team

Get bulk pricing for your entire production. Whether you’re on a student film, indie feature, television show, or major motion picture, Scriptation Team has options designed to fit your budget.

Annotations auto-update

Scriptation automatically prompts you when a script change causes an annotation to adjust. Did a line get rewritten? You’ll see an automated note alerting you of the change.


Deleted note tracking

If script content was deleted in a new draft, you’re alerted of any deleted annotations. Retrieving deleted notes from your old draft is simple. No notes are ever gone for good.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

One step transfer

If you’re used to spreading out on a table to manually transfer your notes, you’ll love the ease of Note Transfer. In just seconds, notes move forward from the old draft into the new.


The greatest benefit is the time savings. In television there can be daily new drafts of scripts during prep. My scripts are covered in notes, annotations and highlights. Bringing my personal notes forward to current drafts is simple and fast.

Michael Slovis, Director
The Walking Dead

Multi-layer transfer

Transfer notes from one, some, or all of your layers at once. In a single step, capture every annotation you need, maintaining your customized layer system for work in the new draft.


Bookmarks transfer too

Carry forward every carefully placed bookmark. Bookmarks intelligently transfer to the correct scene in the new draft, even if page numbering has changed.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Transfer notifications

The Import Complete window offers clarity after each and every transfer. Never worry that a note was left behind, as every single marking gets counted.

Feature breakdown

Note Transfer is one of the many reasons Scriptation is the must-have PDF annotation app for going paperless among Oscar and Emmy-winning directors, cinematographers, producers, and writers.

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