Customize your script with the Page Maker

Insert facing pages, set plans, photos, diagrams, and more.
Then transfer all of your pages into the new script.

Your page management hub

A birds-eye view displays your script from a whole new level.

Sort by Annotations or Bookmarks to easily navigate throughout your file.


Insert blank pages for notes

The Facing Pages feature allows you to add a blank page before every script page, ensuring you are ready for notes at a moment’s notice.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Plans, Templates and Images

Fully customizable pages allows easy insert for set plans, templates, photos, and more.

However you already like to setup your script, Scriptation is ready.


Scriptation Team

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Rearrange your pages

With one-touch tap and drag, easily reorder your custom pages as needed.

You’re never locked in with added pages, and can always reorder your content as needed.


Copy & Paste

Copy and paste pages from PDF to PDF, allowing you to always have the pages you need in every file.

Shooting multiple episodes at once? It’s easy to copy and paste pages into any custom sides file.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Preloaded Pages

With graph paper, lines, dots, and colors to choose from, there are thousands of combinations at the ready.

Whatever your workflow, Scriptation has a prebuilt template for you.


Scriptation keeps all my photos, overheads. and notes in one place, and saves so much time.  I love being paperless, but even more I love centralizing my creative and technical notes in such a great digital way.

I can add all kinds of information to my script during prep and transfer them instantly into revised drafts. A process that used to take hours, now takes seconds.

Jen Prince, Director
Miles Underwater

Feature breakdown

The Page Maker is one of the many reasons Scriptation is the must-have PDF annotation app for going paperless among Oscar and Emmy-winning directors, cinematographers, producers, and writers.

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