Now your entire departmentproductioncastcrewcompanyclassroomteam can go paperless

Collaborate with Team or get studio-level security with Studio or Enterprise

Pricing for every sized organization

Great for individual users

Perfect for teams of 10 or more

Made for multiple projects

Industry Pro

  • Core Features
  • Page Maker
  • Comparison
  • Lining Toolkit
  • Cloud Sync

Perfect for productions of 20 or more


  • Everything in Pro +
  • Live Layers‏‏‎
  • Group Licensing
  • Onboarding
  • Priority Support

Team Studio

  • Everything in Team +
  • BOX Access
  • Sharing Control
  • AES256 Secure
  • Admin Capable


  • Everything in Studio +
  • Manage Devices
  • Permissions
  • Multi-factor Auth
  • Screenshot Block

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how Team, Team Studio, and Enterprise are meant to work for you and your production.

Scriptation Team unlocks every Industry Pro feature, with the addition of Live Layers. Live Layers allows you to instantly share notes with your team with the tap of a button. For more information on Live Layers, visit our Help Desk. Team and Team Studio licenses can be purchased through our website only. Industry Pro can be purchased via an in-app upgrade in the Scriptation app.

Team and Team Studio are available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Team Studio for macOS does not support disabled sharing or document encryption. Shareable Layers, however, are encrypted in Team Studio.

When you purchase Scriptation Team or Team Studio you get a single license key that can be distributed to your entire team. Each time a license key is entered and activated on a user’s device, it counts as one activation toward your total. If the same user enters the license key on another device, another activation is counted toward your total. Users can deactivate their license keys on their device at any time, and you can gain that activation back. Account owners can view how many activations they have on their customer account page.

Yes. If you’d like to upgrade to 20, 40, or 80 activations, log into your customer account, click “View Licenses” and then “View Upgrades”.

iOS sharing and cloud syncing are disabled in Team Studio to ensure that files are stored and transmitted securely using AES256 encryption. If you’d like to share your annotations with other members on your production, you can do that by exporting layers or using Live Layers. If you still need access to iOS sharing and cloud syncing, you can login using Team Admin.

Team and Team Studio licenses get renewed every month. You can cancel at any time by logging into your account.

When you purchase Scriptation Team or Team Studio you get priority support. Priority support includes same day email response during business hours (9A – 5:30P) PST Monday – Friday. Make sure to have your license key and/or production name available so we can verify your subscription.

Team Studio is designed for productions that want, or whose studio requires, enhanced security options and/or BOX access. For productions that want bulk pricing for Industry Pro or Live Layers, Scriptation Team is all you need. If you’re not sure whether Team or Team Studio is right for you, contact us.

All Team features can be trialed by downloading Scriptation from the App Store and trialing Industry Pro for 14 days. Team Studio features are not available for a trial. We encourage everyone to try Industry Pro before purchasing Team or Team Studio.

Not at all. When you purchase Scriptation Team or Team Studio, only the purchaser is required to create an account. The account gets created so the purchaser can view their license key, keep track of their activations, and manage their subscription. The rest of the team only has to enter the license key in the Scriptation app to activate their license. No additional info is required.

Yes! Please contact us through the chat box below and let us know which institution you’re with and what you need.

Live Layers is a powerful new feature which allows Team and Team Studio users to instantly share layers within their team. It is now available on all platforms. For more information about Live Layers, visit our dedicated feature page.

If you already have Industry Pro, all your files will remain in place when you activate your Team subscription. Just make sure you cancel your current Industry Pro subscription through the App Store so you don’t get charged. When you cancel your Industry Pro subscription through the App Store, you will be billed until the end of your current subscription term. If you have a Team Studio license, your file browser switches over into secure mode. When this happens, your current files with no longer be visible. However, you can re-access them any time by logging out of Team Studio and re-opening Scriptation.

Scriptation does not store PDF documents or sensitive personal data on our servers. All PDF documents stored in the Scriptation app are either local to your device or secured through personal cloud providers, if you choose to connect them. When you transmit annotations using Live Layers, Scriptation creates an encrypted layer (.SLF) using AES256 technology. The .SLF file, which contains annotations only, is uploaded and stored on a secure server, where download rules restrict access to members under the same license key. For Team Studio, all application data is stored and transmitted using 256-bit encryption through the same SSL protocol used on credit card forms online. See our privacy policy for more details.