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“I am a huge proponent and user of Scriptation. I love the product, I use the product, and honestly, I could not direct television without it. Once I let go of the fear and jumped in head first, I could never go back to paper scripts.”

Rachel Raimist
Director and Educator

On Campus Benefits

Becoming an On Campus partner is more than free software. Additional benefits include personalized trainings, professional webinars, exclusive discounts, and more.

Impact and Certifications

By partnering with Scriptation, you become part of the sustainable production movement that had led to an environmental savings of 1M+ pounds of CO2e for Scriptation users. We maintain various green certifications.

The Creative Industries Pact for Sustainable Action was developed to drive collective progress toward climate action. With this pact, the world economy must pivot away from fossil fuels and resource depletion to mitigate the risks posed by climate change, to create a cleaner and more equitable planet.

Founded in 2011 by an industry consortium, Albert is the leading authority on environmental sustainability for the film and television industries. Scriptation is proud to be in their directory of suppliers who are going the extra mile to be green and to support the production industry.


We are a production member of The Green Production Guide, your guide to sustainable production. Developed by film industry leaders with environmental expertise, the Green Production Guide offers the tools, resources, and vendors you need to reduce the environmental impact of your production.

We are founding stakeholders of Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA) – a global initiative to unite the cultural sector on climate goals and solutions. This is supported by: the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the UN Education, Science and Culture Organization.

In The Press

Scriptation has been featured in several major publications and podcasts including Deadline Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Wrap, DGA Magazine, American Cinematographer, and No Film School.

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