Easily create sides to inform the team

Going paperless with sides makes it even easier for everyone to know the day’s work.
Simple page selection, and creation of a new shareable file, all within seconds.

Simple page selection

One checkbox is all it takes to select a page for sides. Sides can be created with both clean script pages, or ones that include your most recent notes and layers.


Shareable within seconds

Collaboration is easy with in-app sharing options. From complete PDF export to Shareable Layers, or even the instant Live Layers, your team is empowered to share in multiple ways.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Multi-episode functionality

Mix and match scenes from multiple episodes in a season. It’s easy to pull content into sides from your entire collection.


Scriptation Team

Get bulk pricing for your entire production. Whether you’re on a student film, indie feature, television show, or major motion picture, Scriptation Team has options designed to fit your budget.

Instant reordering

With one-touch tap and drag, easily reorder your sides as needed. You’re never locked into a shooting order, and can rearrange your content as needed.

Sides with Template Pages

With graph paper, lines, dots, and colors to select within any page size, there are thousands of combinations of preloaded pages to add into your Sides file.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Layered collaboration

Experience the power of Layers from within Sides. Organized by departments, meetings, or personal categories, customizable Layers allows notes to be grouped together.

I use Scriptation for scripts as well as daily sides. It’s so easy for continuity to get changes, enter them into their script, email me the changes in a PDF, and then, at the push of a button, I can enter those changes into Scriptation.

Bill McMillian, Sound Recordist
American Gods

Feature breakdown

Creating sides is one of the many reasons Scriptation is the must-have PDF annotation app for going paperless among Oscar and Emmy-winning directors, cinematographers, producers, and writers.

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