Work in three dimensions with Layers

Want to separate notes based on meetings or departments?
Scriptation’s Layers makes it easy to navigate between sets of notes.

Customizable workflow

Customizable Layers allows for notes to be grouped together in any way. Organize notes by departments, meetings, or personal categories, and then transfer to your new draft.


View layers on demand

Turn layers on and off as you need them using individual toggle switches, or the show all / hide all feature. The pencil icon shows the layer actively being worked on.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Powerful team sharing

Have an important line change? Last minute update? Share it instantly. Live Layers keeps teams moving towards the same goal, with up-to-date scripts and instant collaboration.

Scriptation Team

Get bulk pricing for your entire production. Whether you’re on a student film, indie feature, television show, or major motion picture, Scriptation Team has options designed to fit your budget.

Export and share

With Shareable Layers, export your annotations to other users as a Scriptation Layer File. The recipient can import the file into their script, and view shared notes alongside their own.


Merge for efficiency

Merging Layers allows you to keep notes organized. Individual meeting layers may have made sense in pre-production, but combining into one layer before shooting may help on set.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Optimized for production

Layers are automatically optimized to minimize file size, which keeps Scriptation running smoothly. Built for fast-paced production, Layers keep you working in the most efficient way.

Scriptation has made the process of going paperless seamless. With the ability to easily transfer annotations, gone are the late nights of rewriting everything when pages come out.

Suzanne Saltz, Director
NCIS: Los Angeles

Feature breakdown

Layers is one of the many reasons Scriptation is the must-have PDF annotation app for going paperless among Oscar and Emmy-winning directors, cinematographers, producers, and writers.

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