19 Best Filmmaking Podcasts in 2024

From in-depth interviews with industry stalwarts to advice on honing your craft, podcasts hold a wealth of knowledge comparable to any film school. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker seeking guidance, an established director hunting for fresh inspiration, or simply a movie lover wanting to dig deeper into the cinematic world, we have a podcast for you. Here’s our list of the best filmmaking podcasts and best podcasts for movie lovers in 2024.


Screaming into the Hollywood Abyss, hosted by Noah Evslin and Dan Rutstein, is a podcast that delves into the darker side of the film and television industry. The show features interviews with writers, producers, and directors who share their stories of failure, rejection, and perseverance in Hollywood. This podcast offers a unique look at the challenges faced by creatives in the industry and serves as a reminder of the resilience required to succeed in the world of screenwriting.


‘LET’S SHOOT! with PETE CHATMON’ is a podcast that offers an insider’s view into filmmaking, hosted by acclaimed director Pete Chatmon. Each episode imparts Chatmon’s first-hand insights and experiences from envisioning to executing a film, blending expertise, humor, and honesty. The podcast also hosts interviews with industry professionals, diving into their unique filmmaking journeys and offering invaluable advice.

‘LET’S SHOOT! with PETE CHATMON’ is more than just a podcast; it’s a comprehensive masterclass in filmmaking. It offers a rare opportunity for both aspiring and experienced filmmakers to learn from a respected voice in the industry.


Filmspotting, a Chicago-based podcast and WBEZ radio program, hosted by film critics Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen, offers an immersive exploration of cinema since 2005. Each episode features comprehensive film analyses spanning diverse genres and eras, top 5 lists offering fresh perspectives on familiar films, and in-depth reviews of both recent releases and timeless classics. The hosts’ accessible discussions balance academic rigor with engaging banter, creating an interactive community through listener feedback and trivia segments.

Special marathons dedicated to topics like “Contemporary Iranian Cinema” or “The Films of Akira Kurosawa” demonstrate their commitment to highlighting underexplored cinema. Filmspotting is a must-listen for film enthusiasts, promising to deepen your appreciation for the filmmaking art and inviting you to join a vibrant cinematic exploration.


Brought to you by the Directors Guild of America, this podcast delivers invaluable insights into the creative process of the industry’s top directors. Each episode features intimate, in-depth discussions with acclaimed filmmakers, delving into their artistic visions, the challenges they’ve faced, and their directorial journeys. From conceptualization to the final cut, the show uncovers the myriad decisions that shape a film’s narrative and visual aesthetic.


The A24 Podcast, produced by the renowned independent entertainment company A24, offers an uncensored, immersive dialogue with today’s leading cinema creators. Each episode pairs two creatives – directors, actors, or writers – for an in-depth conversation about their personal journeys, creative processes, and the shifting cinematic landscape. This unfiltered format allows for organic discussions on topics from film inspirations to industry realities. Listen to the minds behind acclaimed films like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Lady Bird’, and ‘Midsommar’.

The A24 Podcast provides an exclusive glimpse into filmmaking from the perspective of those actively shaping the industry. For a distinct viewpoint on cinema and its narratives, this podcast is an unparalleled listen.


The No Film School Podcast democratizes filmmaking, providing a wealth of knowledge and insights accessible to all, from beginners to seasoned professionals. This podcast serves as a comprehensive guide, covering diverse topics from screenwriting and cinematography to editing and distribution. Each episode features interviews with industry professionals, discussions on film news and trends, and analyses of technical and creative aspects of filmmaking. Balancing the art and business sides of the industry, it offers a holistic understanding of filmmaking. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a veteran, or a cinema enthusiast, the No Film School Podcast is a gateway to rich filmmaking knowledge.


‘The Business,’ a KCRW podcast hosted by Kim Masters, offers a comprehensive look into the complex landscape of Hollywood’s film and television industry. Each weekly episode includes enlightening interviews with industry players, unveiling the insider deals, creative breakthroughs, and backstage drama that animate Hollywood. Masters and guest commentators also dissect the week’s top entertainment news in a regular segment called “Hollywood Banter,” offering fresh perspectives on recent industry developments. ‘The Business’ provides an intriguing look into the engine behind Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, making it a must-listen for industry professionals, aspiring creators, and pop culture enthusiasts.


Co-hosted by Indiewire’s chief film critic Eric Kohn and Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson, Screen Talk covers the indie film world and beyond — from film festivals to new releases and the future of the business.

The podcast provides a blend of film reviews, festival news, and interviews with filmmakers and industry insiders. Each episode delves into various topics, from indie releases and festival buzz to Oscar predictions and industry trends, offering an insider’s view on the currents shaping cinema. Regular guest appearances from prominent figures in indie film enrich the dialogue. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, an experienced critic, or a cinephile, Screen Talk gives you a backstage pass to independent cinema.


Films To Be Buried With is a uniquely imaginative podcast hosted by comedian and actor Brett Goldstein. Goldstein invites a diverse array of guests, including actors, comedians, and filmmakers, to embark on a deeply personal cinematic journey. The premise is simple but poignant: if you were to die tomorrow, what are the films that have shaped your existence, and why?

From childhood favorites to heartbreak-healing dramas, the movies chosen by each guest serve as springboards into wider discussions about life, death, and the human condition. As funny and touching as it is philosophical, ‘Films To Be Buried With’ skillfully intertwines film critique with introspective storytelling, revealing the profound ways in which cinema intertwines with our lives.


Dive into the enthralling world of cinema’s past with ‘You Must Remember This,’ the critically acclaimed podcast dedicated to exploring the secret and forgotten history of Hollywood’s first century. Hosted and narrated by Karina Longworth, an expert in film history, this podcast is a captivating exploration into the lives of Hollywood’s iconic stars and filmmakers.

Each episode uncovers lesser-known stories from Hollywood’s past, exploring everything from golden age scandals to the lives of iconic stars and filmmakers. Themes range from Hollywood blacklist era politics to deep dives into the lives of figures like Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. Longworth’s meticulous research and engaging storytelling offer a fresh perspective on classic Hollywood narratives. Whether you’re a cinephile, a history enthusiast, or a fan of captivating stories, ‘You Must Remember This’ is a riveting journey into Hollywood’s fascinating past.


The Film Riot Podcast, hosted by filmmaker Ryan Connolly, is an invaluable resource for emerging indie filmmakers, brimming with practical advice, industry insights, and DIY filmmaking tips. Connolly shares lessons from his experiences, covering all aspects of the filmmaking process from pre-production to post-production. The podcast also hosts industry professionals who offer their advice, experiences, and behind-the-scenes stories, providing a comprehensive view of independent filmmaking.

More than just a podcast, Film Riot is an interactive learning platform that inspires filmmakers to learn, experiment, and grow. If you’re venturing into filmmaking or seeking a deeper understanding of it, this podcast is an essential listen.


Indie Film Hustle Podcast is hosted by Indie Film Hustle founder Alex Ferrari. With over 25 years experience in the industry, working on 1000+ feature films, shorts, commercials, music videos, network promos, documentaries, and webisodes, Alex provides, in his words, “the real deal” look at the industry.

After the success of the IFH Podcast, Alex also launched the Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast to focus exclusively on the craft and business of screenwriting. By interviewing industry leaders, successful screenwriters and story consultants IFH breaks down the screenwriting and storytelling process.


The Cinematography Podcast is the program about the art, craft and philosophy of the moving image and the people who make it happen. Your job title doesn’t have to be cinematographer to be featured on the show. We interview a wide variety of filmmakers including, actors, directors, producers, production designers, editors, storyboard artists and those in related filmmaking careers.

Each episode brings an interesting perspective to an often overlooked and widely misunderstood craft. Recorded in Hollywood, California at the world headquarters of Hot Rod Cameras. Hosted by Ben Rock and Illya Friedman.


Hosted by Directing rising stars Marcus Anthony Thomas and Oz Arshad, The Directors’ Take is a podcast which explores how you go from directing something with your mates, to being the most senior decision maker on a film set.

Whether it is the two of them breaking down the craft and trials of directing, or one of their industry guests dropping knowledge-nuggets for you to consume, they will offer you a unique look behind the curtain to demystify the process of becoming a successful director in Film and Television.


Hosted by veteran television writers/producers/showrunners Liz Craft and Sarah Fain, who’ve been friends since high school and writing partners for 20 years, Happier in Hollywood lives at the intersection of friendship and work.

Whether you live in Hollywood, Dollywood, or somewhere in between, Liz and Sarah demystify Tinseltown by making career and personal struggles universal. Guided by blind optimism and a Midwestern work ethic, Liz and Sarah have survived and thrived in Hollywood’s male-dominated entertainment industry. Along the way they’ve learned a lot about kicking ass, kissing ass, and office yoga.


The Wandering DP Podcast is a weekly podcast that discusses the latest stories from on and off set with cinematographers at the top of their game. Hosted by cinematographer Patrick O’Sullivan, The Wandering DP Podcast brings news, inspiration, and updates from around the photography and cinematography worlds.


Hosted by directors, Just Shoot It is a podcast about directing, filmmaking and storytelling. Each week, Matt Enlow and Oren Kaplen interview up-and-coming directors, screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, and actors, and learn how they became successful, working content creators. They’re “all about getting off your butt and making your own videos.”


The ‘Scriptnotes’ podcast, hosted by renowned screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin, offers a captivating dive into the world of film and television scriptwriting. Addressing a broad range of topics, from writing process and copyright intricacies to industry realities and creativity nurturing, each episode serves as a comprehensive masterclass in storytelling.

Featuring enlightening interviews with other industry figures and dedicated listener question segments, the podcast provides an intriguing mix of practical advice, industry secrets, and engaging discussions. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a movie enthusiast, or a narrative art lover, ‘Scriptnotes’ is your enlightening ticket into Hollywood’s narrative realm, guided by the experience and insights of August and Mazin.


Producers’ Happy Hour is a captivating podcast that delves into the multifaceted world of film production. Hosted by seasoned professionals, it offers invaluable insights into the production process, highlighting the challenges and triumphs faced by producers. The podcast is a rich resource for both emerging and experienced producers, providing industry tips, behind-the-scenes stories, and interviews with notable figures in the film world. Its engaging format makes it an excellent addition to any filmmaker’s listening list, especially for those keen on understanding the nuances of film production.


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