16 Best Apps for Filmmakers in 2022

Filmmaking apps are enabling modern filmmakers to work more efficiently with the tool that’s already in their pocket. So stop mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and start getting to work! Here are the best apps for filmmakers in 2022.


When you’re in the middle of shooting, what’s more annoying than script rewrites? Nothing. There is nothing more annoying. You get a revised draft, have to incorporate the new pages, quickly figure out what has changed, and rewrite all of your notes onto the new pages.

That’s where Scriptation comes in. The Emmy® Award winning app for iPad, iPhone, and Mac allows you to mark up scripts using a wide range of customizable annotation tools and then intelligently transfer those notes into script revisions with the tap of a button. According to TV director John Scott (The Magicians, You), Scriptation’s note transferring feature saves him 5 hours of prep time each week!

Rainn Wilson from “The Office” stars in Scriptation’s “Script Change Hell”

But Scriptation isn’t just for those “Hollywood types.” Aspiring and indie filmmakers use the production app to read scripts, mark up documents, share notes, highlight lines, bookmark scenes, and separate annotations conveniently into layers. As one App Store reviewer advised emerging filmmakers: “I guarantee this app becomes standard on set.” So be prepared to use it on your next big production. Try out Scriptation’s free script annotation app and see for yourself. Price: Free


StudioBinder is a fundamentally new way for filmmakers, production companies, and agencies to streamline their production workflow for the 21st century. Offering web-based filmmaking software with a suite of integrated products, Studiobinder has a plethora of features including:

  • Call Sheets – Create & send personalized call sheets and track RSVPs.
  • Script Breakdowns – Import scripts and tag elements like props and wardrobe.
  • Shot Lists & Storyboards – Robust, customizable shot list and storyboard builder.
  • Shooting Schedules – Drag-and-drop interface to plan and schedule multi-day shoots.
  • Contact Lists – Manage and send messages to talent, crew, vendors, clients and more.
  • Tasks, Calendars, and Files – Collaborate and comment on tasks, files, and production calendars.

Price: Free


Artemis is the first digital viewfinder for smartphones. Over the years it has become an indispensable tool for professional filmmakers used by Oscar winners and film students across the world.

Artemis allows you to input your camera specific sensor, choose your lenses, and see your true field of view, right on your phone screen. In 2018, Artemis was awarded an Emmy for its contribution to filmmaking.

Price: $29.99

Best Filmmaking Software iPhone iPad Artemis Pro


Helios Pro is a light-tracking app designed for cinematographers, photographers, and designers. Not only can you pinpoint the position of the sun, the moon, and stars, Augmented Reality and light simulation allows you to visualize exactly what shots will look like at any location, at any time of the year or day. You can see precisely how light will illuminate and the shadows fall.

Chemical Wedding created these dynamic 3D meshes for terrain landscapes to show how the light will change throughout the day across the hills, mountains and valleys. Likewise, OpenStreetMap building data creates a 3D reconstruction of the buildings and streets. So, no matter where you’re shooting, you can see exactly how the light will strike buildings or mountains throughout the day.

Price: $29.99


LumaFusion is a powerful multi-track video editor created for mobile devices. Called a “desktop class” editing software, the features of LumaFusion make it truly comparable to traditional video editing.

The filmmaking app has a familiar non-linear editing workspace with three tracks for video and audio and three additional audio tracks for narration, music, and sound effects. There are also several preset layout options to customize your workspace to your editing style.

The app supports various frame rates and aspect ratios, options for insert, overwrite, ripple, and slip editing, the ability to mark in/out points from the source, live audio mixing, and even keyframes.

Outside of basic editing, LumaFusion provides many built-in effects, titles, video transitions, animations, color correction abilities, and even royalty-free music. And, virtually everything custom you create can be saved as a preset for future use. Price: $19.99

Best Film TV Video Production Software LumaFusion


UpCast is a filmmaker app that instantly connects talent and casting professionals through the entire casting process. Models and actors can audition from their phones by instantly submitting photos and videos directly to casting professionals. You can swipe through roles, submit photos/videos, and get cast right from your couch. Price: Free

Best App for Filmmakers UpCast


FiLMiC Pro is an incredibly advanced film production app for iOS and Androids that enables you to make the most out of your device, virtually turning it into a professional camera. This app gives you fine-tuned control over your phone’s camera, including manually changing the exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, zoom, and more. In addition to unlocking the full potential of your phone’s camera settings, FiLMiC Pro has many customizable options including the ability to record up to a dozen different resolutions and aspect ratios, advanced audio recording features, four encoding options to balance between quality and file size, video sharing capabilities through apps such as Facebook, DropBox, Vime, and 3rd Party Hardware Support for several popular lens adapters and gimbals. And, FiLMiC Pro has the ability to adjust video settings (exposure, contrast, saturation, tint, color temperature) after capture. A multi-time iOS Video Camera App of the Year, FiLMiC Pro has been used on high profile video projects and was most recently used by Steven Soderbergh’s on the Netflix feature “High Flying Bird.” Price: $14.99

Best Filmmaking Production Apps FIlmic Pro


Adobe Premiere Rush is a lite version of Premiere Pro available for iOS devices. While a lite version, it is still very comparable to its desktop version and Premiere editors will feel right at home. On mobile, filmmakers can shoot, edit, and share their video content all in one device from anywhere. You can also create between your devices, including desktop, by opening your Rush files right in Premiere. The intuitive and very familiar multitrack timeline allows users to arrange video, audio, graphics, and photos by dragging and dropping. You can adjust audio, enhance color, add titles, transitions, voiceovers, and more. Price: Free

Best Apps for Film Adobe Premiere Rush


Green Screener does away with light-meters and waveform-monitors, and shows you exactly how even your green screen is, using just your phone or tablet.

Available on iOS and Android, Green Screener is a new kind of tool for lighting a green screen that breaks your green screen up into bands, so you can easily see how to light it.

Price: $9.99

Best FIlmmaking Software Greenscreener

BEST FILM PRODUCTION APP is a collaborative space for filmmakers and clients to work together and give feedback. No more email chains with vague time stamps. offers time based comments and video annotations so you can draw directly on video frames to accurately communicate your feedback. Likewise video transcoding in the cloud allows you to upload any video format and never worry about playback compatibility. also features version control so you can see all of your past versions of projects and Comment Replay, which loops a 4 second range around any comment so you can get a sense of what it means in context. Price: $17/month

Best Film Production App Software FrameiO


Shot Designer promises to make it “ridiculously easy” to block complex scenes. Shot Designer strives to be the ultimate film app for directors by combining camera diagrams, shot lists, storyboards, and animation all in one place. And, everything you create is inter-connected. Any changes you make in the diagram update the shot list, and any changes you make in the shot list change the diagram, and so on. Price: $19.99

Filmmakers Best Apps Shot Designer


Switcher creates professional-quality live video content using just iPhones and iPads. Edit while you shoot and switch between cameras, photos and video so you don’t have to waste time later. Stream live to YouTube and Facebook, capture 1080p or 4K TV quality video, or output video to a projector or external display. Price: $29/mo

Best Film Production Software Filmmakers Switcher Studio


Cine Meter II is a professional photography, video, and film app for iOS, using the built-in camera to provide a shutter-priority reflected light meter, an RGB waveform monitor, and a false-color picture mode. Cine Meter II measures light and color, so you can light and shoot and know what you’ll get. Price: $24.99

Best Film Production Software Cine Meter II


Shot Lister is the professional shot list and scheduling app that is self-dubbed “a better way to make your day.” No more crumbled piece of paper with all of your scribbled plans and touch the digital future of shot listing. Check out their in-depth guide on how to build a shot list.

Shot Lister is designed by filmmakers to deliver the only solution that can build, organize, schedule and share shot lists digitally. Tap and drag to reorganize your day in seconds. Organize and store hundreds of scenes and thousands of shots with industry standard formatting.

Available on iOS, macOS, and Android, everything is fully customizable and live-editing allows you to reschedule on the go.

Price: Free on iOS


An app for shooting on film seems a little bit contradictory, but Kodak created this free app to take the guess work out of working with celluloid film. The app features a film calculator and a depth of field calculator designed to simplify ongoing arithmetic.

If you are shooting 16 mm film at 24 fps with 58 feet of film left, how much running time do you have? No need to scratch your head, the Kodak Cinema Tools app does the work for you. Similarly, the depth of field calculator can help you determine the settings you need to get the focus you want.


Price: Free



Easy Release Pro is a professional release app that replaces inconvenient paper model release forms and contracts with a slick, streamlined app. Collect all data and signatures right on your mobile device then email the release PDFs or store them to cloud services.

Price: $9.99