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Looking for your next project or just want to read some excellent writers? We are thrilled to announce that the finalist scripts from this year’s Scriptation Showcase are now available for you to read within Scriptation!

This year’s competition was fiercer than ever, with an overwhelming number of entries from incredibly talented screenwriters. But after much deliberation, our expert panel of judges has selected the best of the best, representing the pinnacle of storytelling and creativity.

In this post, we’ll give you a sneak peek into each of these 25 masterpieces, offering a glimpse into the stories that captivated our judges’ hearts and minds. Remember, these scripts are not just words on a page; they are potential blueprints for the next big hit in film and TV. So, grab your popcorn, open the Scriptation app, and join us as we delve into the best screenplays that this year’s Showcase has to offer!

Comedy Feature Category

Athena the Sasquatch Plays for Keeps by Christine Trageser

A young Greek Orthodox organist in 1980s New Jersey with dreams of playing in a battle-of-the-bands, seeks the help of a church-led gang of volleyball players to lead her on a path of rebellious self-discovery.

About Christine:
Christine is an AFF second-rounder who writes comedies exploring women in the workplace, friendship, the politics of hair, and supernatural relationships.

Brew by Kimberly Dilts
Patriarchal f*ckery’s afoot, as three medieval sisters must brew the Greatest Ale Evyr Maide to save brewing as they know it and themselves from burning at the stake.

About Kimberly:
Kim is a writer-producer and the co-founder of Scrappy Cat, an indie production company working in features, docs, web content, and strategy. Kim’s former work includes producing, directing, and performing Off-Broadway and on tour. She discovered screenwriting while producing her first indie feature, a process that killed her: she is now a very talented ghost haunting the east coast.

Magus by Holden Weihs
In a world where magic has displaced tech, an ordinary slacker finds out she is the Chosen One, and is recruited by the world’s biggest magic company to serve as their new mascot.

About Holden:
Holden has a BFA in Screenwriting from Columbia College Hollywood, and currently runs a screenwriting and short film production workshop at JUMP Boise, through which he produces community-made short films that premiere at JUMP’s biannual Dreamweaver Film Festival. “Kitty” will be going into production in 2024.

Posthumous by Josh Granovsky
An actress who has aged out of the spotlight fakes her death and sends her neglected children on the press circuit in hopes of winning a “posthumous” Academy Award.

About Josh: Josh is a recent graduate of USC’s Writing for Screen and Television MFA program, where he received the Jack Oakie Comedy Award. He was also a finalist for The Black List’s Michael Collyer Fellowship and a semi-finalist for Humanitas’ College Comedy Award.

Squished by Dan Chaimowitz
As a consequence of their cruel Science Fair Project (The Ironbug Competition) three adolescent boys are turned into bugs. Stand by Me meets Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, meets Oppenheimer (because, it’s the bomb!)

About Dan:
Alumnus of AFI Conservatory. Adjunct Screenwriting Instructor at the University of Southern Maine. Written, Produced, and Directed two no-budget films: The Opposite of Cleveland and Dole Mates. Dole Mates now available on Amazon Prime and TubiTV.

Drama Feature Category

Acorn by Matt Lowerre – Top Prize Winner | Best Screenplay
A peyote-dependent police academy dropout sets out to find a missing local girl and use the reward money to move him and his brother out of their father’s house.

About Matt: Matt Lowerre grew up in the suburbs of Boston, MA, where he found inspiration in everything from the Coen Brothers and Mark Duplass to Gregory Alan Isakov and Rhett and Link. While small-town crime thrillers may be his bread and butter, Matt enjoys combining genres in unexpected ways. He has written about medieval heists, unfulfilled psychopomps, aspiring slapstick comedians, the first civilians on their way to Mars, and a minor league baseball team smuggling drugs across the US-Mexico border (to name a few). Now living in Los Angeles, Matt is an assistant at an agency, working toward becoming a screenwriter full-time.

Adam by Hayden Howe
Taken prisoner and used as an unwilling surrogate for an alien race, a mute survivor must forge unlikely friendships if she is to escape and survive the newly colonized Earth.

About Hayden: Born and raised in a modest Midwest town located squarely on the corner of Nothing and Nowhere, stories became Hayden’s essential way to make his small world feel larger than life. This voracious need for storytelling led Hayden to study screenwriting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he first began developing his feature debut, ADAM. With each new script he writes, Hayden learns the world is still bigger than his greatest expectations – and that here, there be monsters.

Amarilla by Iain Anderson
A young girl from a small coastal town builds a submarine in her uncle’s barn to rescue her parents from a plane crash at sea.

About Iain:
Iain Anderson is 6’6” and still can’t dunk. He earned an MFA from NYU, continues to write creatively and when time allows–body surfs.

Edelweiss by Duane Graves
After a disturbing obsession lands him fired from his dreary office job, a troubled man abandons society to embark on a bizarre quest to cure himself.

Duane: Austin based writer/director Duane Graves has produced work showcased at Sundance, SXSW, Slamdance, Tribeca, & Fantastic Fest. Graves co-wrote/directed THE WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD, released by IFC. In 2016, Graves also co-wrote/directed the Western KILL OR BE KILLED, released by RLJE. He is currently developing EDELWEISS with Kim Henkel, co-creator of the original TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE in 1973.

The Fountain by Link York
After his father is killed in a crash, a desperate teenage boy answers an on-line ad to donate plasma for cash, and is unwittingly drawn into a secret, AI-driven immortality program designed to give dying, rich investors eternal life, while putting his own life in peril.

About Link:
Link redundat quam plurimum atramentum lunae in scriptoribus, carminibus et libellis, cum humiliter obsonando mercuriales arbitrio temperamentalis smaragdi viridis liberandi psittacus nomine Lucia.

Comedy Teleplay Category

Cultish by Michael Mortimer

Whilst waiting for their saviour ‘Shapow’ to arrive on His comet, Bonnie’s plan to seize control from the woeful leader of the Children of the Orgiastic Comet Commune is put in serious doubt when the local council tries to evict them.

About Michael: Michael is a Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist with ‘BEYOND THE VEIL.’ Daniel Stamm (Prey for the Devil) is attached to direct. Having grown up in an antiquated working-class town, Michael uses that experience to drive his stories and characters. Primarily writing in the horror and comedy genre, his features and TV scripts focus on trust, acceptance, and loss.

Fruit of My Loins by Gage Swanston and William Kisor
When a medieval king dies with no next of kin, the throne is given to his carefree peasant cousin, whose common perspective and attempts to please all accidentally modernize the kingdom several hundred years early.

About Will: Will is originally from Arlington, VA, although he currently lives in the great state of denial. He began writing comedy scripts because it’s, and I quote, “way funnier than the serious stuff.” That mentality is what led Will and his co-writer, Gage Swanston, to create CULT CLASSIC, a script that one executive called, “proof that there is no God.” With that in mind, you should check it out.

About Gage: Born to an affluent family of Uncomfortable Throw-Pillow makers, Gage Swanston’s first claim to fame was when he set the world-record for appearances on the television show “Real House-Wives”, despite the guards being told to shoot on sight. In spite of the undeniable significance of this achievement, Gage still believes that his greatest achievement was getting you to read this entire fake Bio.

Monsterlogues by Kanja Chen
When three thirty something friends all begin dating again, the only thing that might stop them from finding true love is the fact that they each have a personal monster puppet that desperately want to share their innermost thoughts with everyone.

About Kanja: Kanja Chen is a creative producer, writer and puppeteer, who has worked on numerous high profile television productions. He’s been formally trained by The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Street Workshop and has taught at the Second City Training Centre in Toronto. Kanja is multi-racial (black/asian father and white mother), and is heavily influenced by his Jamaican heritage, being co-raised by his Jamaican grandmother and family.

Kanja’s most recent achievement as a puppeteer was performing on the highly anticipated reboot of the Fraggle Rock franchise, airing on AppleTV+. Other recent works include Kanja as a writer and educational consultant on The Fabulous Show with Fay & Fluffy, a pre-school show for Family Channel Jr. and recently being hired as a writer for the preschool series “Lil’ Stompers for Peacock. He’s worked as a puppeteer and puppet builder on Odd Squad (PBS), and was the head of the Puppet and Creature Department for “Oh Yuck!, a Canadian-Australian co-production currently airing on Amazon Prime.

Kanja was honoured to have recently been chosen as a Netflix – Banff Diversity of Voices Fellow for both 2022 and 2023. In his first ever pitch contest (the Ottawa International Animation Festival) in 2021, Kanja was a semi-finalist. He then placed top two, several months later at his second ever pitch contest (the Toronto Animation Artist Festival International), pitching another original show idea. In 2022, Kanja was selected one of the 25 participants in the BIPOC TV and Film “Writing for Kids TV” Intensive. He has currently accepted a producer and story editor position with a new preschool series heading into production for the CBC.

The Hopeful Romantic by Marissa Ziets
When a romantically delusional woman can’t find love in America, she decides to go to England in hopes of finding it there.

About Marissa: Marissa is a writer and a lover of storytelling in any medium. Ever since she pulled a television on her leg when she was two, she’s always felt that TV was within her. She has supported Showrunners on numerous shows, including MRS. DAVIS, THE NEIGHBORHOOD, and 9JKL. She writes comedy but loves romance, thrillers, musicals, and if she can get all combined, even better. Being a Type 1 Diabetic, Marissa is passionate about telling and watching stories of people with disabilities. Hailing from outside Philadelphia, Marissa is a big football fan (Go Birds). Besides writing, Marissa produces a few in-person “Survivor” day-long games in Los Angeles. She also loves to read, spend time with her niece and nephew, and wrap presents — a lost art.

The Libary by Katie Crone
When a young boy is left unsupervised at his local library, his imagination runs wild, roping the librarian and her patrons into his “quest.”

About Katie: Katie Crone writes about the important things in life (cults, hot teachers, sexual neuroses, half-assed disguises, screaming women, etc.). She loves to place believable characters within an absurd premise, finding the camp in the sincerity and the sincerity in the camp. And she always makes sure her stories would inspire really fun group Halloween costumes. Otherwise, what are we even doing here?

Drama Teleplay Category

Back Fires by Alex Blumberg – Top Prize Winner | Best Teleplay
An eclectic group of California inmates are chosen for an unorthodox prison reform experiment that relocates them to an isolated mountain camp to fight wildfires in exchange for their freedom – only to face hostile opposition from furious locals and within their own ranks.

About Alex:
Alex Blumberg is an award-winning writer and documentary filmmaker. He’s written for Oscar-winner Helen Mirren, optioned a screenplay, and has three scripts on the Coverfly Red List. “Back Fires” was the 2022 Grand Prize Winner in Creative Screenwriting’s Unique Voices contest and was a Top-3 Finalist in Final Draft Big Break. “Kosmos” won the Sci-Fi division at the 2023 CineStory TV Fellowship.

Baptized by Fire by Jack Gorman and Shannon Walsh
Based on a true story, a World War II veteran embarks on a journey at Dartmouth College in the autumn of 1944, seeking solace and guidance under the tutelage of legendary poet Robert Frost. Yet, haunted by his wartime memories and pursued relentlessly by the nascent CIA, he must confront his past while balancing personal redemption and the covert world of espionage.

About Shannon:
Shannon is an Australian-American writer, actor, and director, currently based in LA. Shannon was an Economics major at Georgetown University as an undergraduate. She subsequently attended UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting and TV Writing, where she won the award for Best Television Pilot script with her original pilot, “Sylvie’s Mount.”

About Jack: Jack has multiple scripts that have placed high in world-renowned competitions such as Page, Screencraft, The Nicholl, the Austin Film Festival, and more. Jack’s films have played in nearly three dozen festivals and competitions, winning over a dozen awards and more nominations.

Eden Street by Jeff Kaufman
A diverse mix of ambitious young people leave behind hometown intolerance and conformity to pursue dreams of theatrical glory at the birth of Off-Broadway in 1950s Greenwich Village. They come together, with passion and competition, through the formidable woman who founded the legendary, but struggling, Eden Street Theatre.

About Jeff:
Jeff Kaufman directed, produced, and wrote the Emmy-nominated American Masters’ documentary “Terrence McNally: Every Act Of Life” (with Angela Lansbury, Meryl Streep, Nathan Lane, Christine Baranski, Billy Porter, and Bryan Cranston), and the Critic’s Choice-nominated “Nasrin” (narrated by Olivia Colman) about Iranian human rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh. Other documentaries include “The Savoy King: Chick Webb and the Music That Changed America” (with John Legend, Janet Jackson, Billy Crystal, Tyne Daly, Charlie Watts, and Jeff Goldblum), “The State Of Marriage” (with Rep. John Lewis), “40 Million: The Struggle For Women’s Rights in Iran,” (for Time Magazine), plus several short films with Amnesty International. He also contributed cartoons to The New Yorker and illustrations to The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, wrote for The Washington Post, CNN International, and Ms. Magazine, edited and designed a book based on “Every Act Of Life,” illustrated and wrote a few children’s books, hosted an Associated Press Award-winning live daily radio talk show in Vermont, and exhibited paintings in several Los Angeles galleries. In 2023, he also created a global campaign (#FreedomButton) to express global solidarity with the women’s rights movement in Iran, co-sponsored by Amnesty International, PEN America, Right Livelihood, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, and The Feminist Majority Foundation, (among others).

The Coach by Séarlait Coffey
An up-and-coming woman navigates the demanding worlds of motherhood and college football at an acclaimed university in New England as the school’s first female head coach.

About Séarlait:
Séarlait Coffey is a 2021 graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication where she majored in Film and Television with a concentration in screenwriting. During her time in undergrad, she wrote, directed, and produced several short films. In college, Séarlait worked as a development intern at multiple production companies. She also won BU’s 2020 Masterclass on Pitching Contest for her pilot script, The Coach. Since graduating, Séarlait has worked more behind the scenes as a talent, literary, and executive assistant in Los Angeles. Her pilot script, The Coach, was a finalist in the 2023 Scriptation Showcase Teleplay category.

The Park by Duane Smith and Stefane Barbeau
Seemingly unrelated characters confront their true selves as their paths collide with a convict amid the raw wonders of a national park. The series explores nature as a catalyst for human redemption and rehabilitation.

About Duane:
Duane has over two decades of creative and business experience. He has led design and development activities for global brands, managing diverse cross-functional teams throughout North America and Asia. Most recently, Duane co-founded SmithBarbeau to create ground-breaking content that tackles global, socio-political topics in engaging ways through television, film and print

About Stefane: An entrepreneur to the core, Stefane has spent his career launching creative ventures. In 2001, he built the award-winning housewares and electronics brand Vessel into a global retail business that was ultimately acquired by a Fortune 500 company. As the executive director of the Design Industry Group of Massachusetts (DIGMA), he created a comprehensive plan for the economic growth of the state’s design sector. Stefane has advised on design leadership for P&G, Mattel, and MIT, ultimately co-founding the Design Leadership Clinic to teach a results-driven, pragmatic approach to how design can advance initiatives at all levels of an organization. Having spent two years studying yoga in Asia on hiatus from his industry work, Stefane also runs Clinic Yoga in Palm Springs California, where he helps an international roster of private clients bring balance to their own lives. He’s written a book about this, How to Not Be a Monster – the Impact of Yoga on Work, Play, and Family. Stefane currently has several other writing projects underway for film and television.

Shorts Category

387 by Megan Sass – 2023 Grand Prize Winner
A perpetrator cannot remember who he is or why he is being interrogated, but he knows he is guilty.

About Megan:
Megan Sass is a writer, comedian, and natural redhead hailing from Cincinnati, OH. Their projects include comedy pilot “Bible Park” (ISA Table Read My Screenplay Comedy Genre Winner), sci-fi short “387” (Scriptation Short Winner 2023), “The Mad Scientist’s Guide To Romance, Robots, and Soul-Crushing Loneliness” (TimeOutNY NYC Fringe Critic’s Pick), and “In the Middle” (Coverfly Red List).

Average Joe and Hackzilla: A Love Story by Vincenzo Lucciola and Anton Schettini

Joe, a gifted hacker and un-gifted college student, finally impresses the notorious Hackzilla, who Joe has been pining over for months. But instead of the romantic rendezvous he was expecting, he gets the cold shower of landing on the FBI’s most wanted list.

About Vincenzo: Growing up with two immigrant parents, a deaf brother, and a dog with three legs taught me that life ain’t easy, but it’s much easier if you can laugh (not at a three-legged dog, you monster). I’ve written and directed several short films and have two feature length projects in development. Unfortunately, none of them feature three-legged dogs… yet.

About Anton: Anton Schettini is a TV writer, producer, and author. Anton was a writer/EP of SNAP, an anthology drama for AMC Networks. He has written scripts for SUPERIOR DONUTS and HAPPY TOGETHER on CBS. Using the knowledge gained from his many years in the writers’ room, Anton wrote and sold BREAKING INTO TV WRITING, a non-fiction guide for college students and aspiring writers.

Kitty by Holden Weihs
An agoraphobic man is driven to madness when his cat begins to bring him pieces of dead bodies.

About Holden:
Holden has a BFA in Screenwriting from Columbia College Hollywood, and currently runs a screenwriting and short film production workshop at JUMP Boise, through which he produces community-made short films that premiere at JUMP’s biannual Dreamweaver Film Festival. “Kitty” will be going into production in 2024.

Pocket of Love by Shawn Zou
In the heart of London, Hong, a reserved Chinese immigrant confined to the walls of a Cantonese kitchen, finds her world opening up after a chance encounter with a Polish food truck owner. As they trade jiaozi for pierogi, Hong begins to unearth a passion she’s kept hidden for years.

About Shawn:
Shawn Shaoxuan Zou is a Chinese writer-director based in London, whose short films and documentary works showcase his versatility and empathetic approach to storytelling. He received his training at both the London Film School and Hong Kong Baptist University’s Film Academy, where he honed his craft and developed his voice.

Zou’s short film YA TOU, featuring a Chinese, single mother fighting for custody of her child, won the Independent Shorts Awards and was selected at the South Europe International Film Festival. His experimental short A DIFFERENT WORLD adapts a traditional Buddhist temple to the UK, and was selected by the 13th International Inter-University Short Film Festival and MINT Chinese Film Festival. Zou’s documentary DRAG 102 features rising UK drag star Gypsy Von Jagger, winner of Queen Virgin Atlantic UK Drag Star and BBC Radio new comedy.

Zou has also worked as a Script Supervisor on many projects, including an independent feature HIGH WIRE (Dir Calif Chong, in post production), previous BFI-funded short BINGO QUEENS (Dir Nick Finegan, Prod Tuli Litvak), and as an Assistant Director on numerous commercials, short films and music videos. He also makes treatments/pitch decks for high-profile commercial directors.

Worst Enemy by Kevin Machate and Todd Rodgers
When a severely depressed Veteran receives what he considers to be a devastating diagnosis, he must accept the help of his famous cousin or risk becoming another statistic.

About Kevin:
Kevin Machate Bio: Kevin has directed 8 short films and his credits and has more than 50 producing credits. His upcoming short film, “WORST ENEMY” begins filming in 2024. 3-time Emmy nominee Barry Corbin has been cast as “Jim”, the father of the lead character. The film will be in festivals in 2025. He is a disabled veteran of the US Air Force and a 3 time Guinness World Record holder.

About Todd:
Todd Rodgers Bio: Born in Nyack, NY in 1971 Todd was diagnosed at an early age with Muscular Dystrophy and requires the use of a wheelchair in order to get around. Having to work harder for things gave Todd an increased sense of drive and determination which carries over into his writing. At an early age movies and film became very important. They became a way of escaping the rigors of normal life.