Scriptation 4.5: Scriptation Tagging

We are so excited to introduce your new favorite script breakdown app. Meet Scriptation Tagging – your new toolkit for breaking down scripts, tagging elements, and generating summary reports. Scriptation 4.5 is now available in the App Store.

Tagging Toolbar

Enter Tagging mode and assign a category to a variety of annotation tools, including highlight, underline, text boxes, sticky notes, images, and more!


Customize the color of every tagging category to fit your unique color coding system. Want to tag elements not listed in our default categories? Add as many original categories as you need and reorder them to keep the ones you use most right at the top.

Auto-Tag Cast

Instantly Tag the first speaking character in every scene, and choose if you want voiceovers or off-camera characters included.


Quickly see every tagged element in a scene-by-scene Breakdown Summary. Add scene descriptions, notes, and images to your reports. Or, generate an Element Report that lists every tag organized by category. Export both as a formatted PDF or a CSV to integrate the data into other spreadsheets.

Additional Improvements

We have also optimized performance to existing features, making your experience in Scriptation even better. These include:

  • French localization

  • Access saved annotations on the long press menu
  • View the end of long file names
  • View document thumbnails as an icon
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

Keep your automatic updates on to always have the latest and greatest. Update to version 4.5 today in the App Store!