Where can I find a Scriptation Tutorial?

You’ve come to the right place. We have Scriptation how-to guides, videos, and webinars all ready to go!

Basics Webinar

Get started with the Scriptation basics as Scriptation Product Manager, Rico Cohen, guides you through the fundamentals of working paperlessly on set.

YouTube Channel

Explore our dedicated YouTube channel with dozens of how-to videos, including a 90 minute training webinar about going paperless on set.

Help Desk

With 250 step-by-step guides, check out Scriptation’s HelpDesk to ask specific questions or just browse. Popular topics include syncing between devices, importing files, note transfer, and layers.

Classes & Training

Master your prep and learn the industry standard app for production. Sign up for One-on-one Tutoring or Group Training sessions specifically customized for your needs.

Happy Annotating!