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Welcome to the API connection guidelines for Scriptation.

These guidelines describe how your company can distribute documents securely into Scriptation’s iOS and iPadOS apps. It will show how you can use a deep link, instead of a PDF attachment, to allow users to download files via SSL directly into Scriptation, where they get stored using AES256 encryption. This documentation will also demonstrate how you can enable options like removing locally downloaded files, disabling iOS sharing capabilities, and even provide protection against screenshots.

Connecting to Scriptation provides for a simple, elegant, and secure end-to-end solution for you and your clients, and gives them the fastest way to harness the power of Scriptation’s annotation tools and note transferring technology. Before you get started, make sure to contact us so we can discuss how you can best leverage Scriptation’s capabilities.

We do our best to update this documentation and provide you with the latest technology Scriptation has available. As a trusted API partner, we promise to always keep you informed so you never miss any updates.