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List blacklisted

Returns a collection of files that must be deleted from the user’s device (for security reasons). Scriptation will call this endpoint up to once a day and will delete local copies of the listed files immediately.
GET https://yoursite.com/your_api_path/blacklisted
NOTE: This won’t affect other copies made by the user.


Returns the list of files to be deleted from the device.

Example of a JSON body:

  “blacklisted”: [
    { id: "123", type: "file" … (see File definition for details) },
    { id: "124", type: "file" … (see File definition for details) }

Error response
The error response is a single JSON object that contains a single property named error. Here is an example of a full JSON error body:

   "error": {
        "code": 123,
        "message": “Error description"