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List children

Returns a collection of items.
GET https://yoursite.com/your_api_path/items/{item-id}/children?limit=100
NOTE: Only folders have children.

id (string) The unique identifier that represents a folder.
limit (int) The number of items to return in a result set.

Returns the list of items in the target.

Example of a JSON body.

  "children": [
    { id: "123", type: "file" … (see File definition for details) },
    { id: "124", type: "folder" … (see Folder definition for details) }
  "cursor": "https://yoursite.com/your_api_path/items/{item-id}/children?offset=100&limit=100"

NOTE: If a collection exceeds the requested items limit (or default limit), the **cursor** property is returned in the response to indicate more items are available and provide the request URL for the next page of items.
Collections should start at the entry point id=“root” (see Folder definition for details)

Error response
The error response is a single JSON object that contains a single property named error. Here is an example of a full JSON error body:

   "error": {
        "code": 123,
        "message": "Error description"