Scriptation is now available on Mac!

Thanks to your continued support, Scriptation, the app trusted on thousands of film and TV projects worldwide, from indie darlings to major Hollywood productions, is now available on the Mac App Store.

We’re so excited bring the paperless experience you’re used to on iPad to your Apple laptops and desktops. The best part is that if you’re an existing Industry Pro subscriber, you automatically get all of the subscription features on macOS! It’s like getting a whole other app for FREE.

Not an Industry Pro subscriber or haven’t used Scriptation before? No problem. It’s easy to get started.

Grab the free download of Scriptation, keep reading, and you’ll be annotating in no time.


What is Scriptation?

Take control of your production workflow with Scriptation, the app designed for film, tv, and essentially anyone that reads scripts. Scriptation empowers you to work more efficiently with tools made for Hollywood. You can mark up script PDFs, share notes with your team, and even intelligently transfer those notes into new drafts of your script.


Scriptation has a suite of customizable annotation tools for you to mark up scripts. It also has sharing tools to collaborate with your team, a reader mode for easy reading on smaller screens, the ability to sync your work across multiple devices via cloud providers, the magic of note transferring from revision to revision, and more. For a detailed overview of all tools, consider checking out the Scriptation master class or browse through the extensive tutorials on the Help Desk.

Scriptation’s broad set of features is the reason why it’s the industry-standard script reading and annotating app using by Oscar and Emmy-winning directors, cinematographers, producers, and writers.


How do I mark up my script?

To quote one of our users, “Scriptation doesn’t tell you how to make your notes, it gives you all the tools to make notes any way that works for you.”

Anything you can do on pen and paper, you can better, faster, and easier with Scriptation. Especially when it comes to making notes. The annotation bar has a bunch of tools to help you annotate your script:

  • Pen tools – Write or draw using your mouse
  • Text-lining tools – Highlight, underline or strikethrough text quickly
  • Text notes – Type or dictate notes using Siri (you’ll love this)
  • Stamps – Create custom stamps for notes you make repeatedly to speed up your workflow
  • Sticky Notes – Pin a collapsable note in your script
  • Shapes – Easily draw shapes or lines around portions of text
  • Media – Insert reference images or audio clips directly into your script

All of these tools are fully customizable so you can adjust ink colors, pen-tip thickness, opacity and more.


How do I transfer my notes?

Hate dealing with the hassle of copying your notes to new script revisions by hand? We know. Scriptation was actually designed specifically to solve this problem.

In fact, Scriptation is the only app that can intelligently transfer your notes into new script revisions. With the tap of a button, Scriptation can move everything over onto new pages in seconds. No more collating pages. No more figuring out what notes you need to keep and which are irrelevant now. No more painstakingly recopying notes by hand.

This not only saves you from doing extra work, but gives you extra time to focus on more important things, like the actual creative work.

You also have the option compare two drafts of a script with a ScriptationCompare report (upgrade required). With ScriptationCompare you can generate a scene-by-scene breakdown of all the text that’s been added, deleted, and changed. Just check the ScriptationCompare box in the Transfer window before you press Begin.


Can I share my notes with others?

The best way to share notes is with Layers, a feature available only in Scriptation. Scriptation Layers allows you to keep multiple sets of notes on a single PDF script, and toggle them on/off just like a layer in Photoshop.

Want to separate notes based on meetings? Or share your thoughts for a specific person? Have notes you want to keep just for you? Scriptation’s Layers makes it easy to separate out your work. For a complete tutorial of Layers, check out our Help Desk.

Most importantly, you can share individual Layers with other writers in the writers’ room. Shareable Layers allows you to send and receive notes with other Scriptation users, all while working from a single PDF. There’s no need to juggle between two or three PDFs of the same script. Instead, you can toggle back and forth between each others’ notes, or view multiple users’ notes at the same time on one PDF script.

For more info, we wrote a detailed how-to use Scriptation in writers rooms here.


What is Scriptation Industry Pro?

Scriptation Industry Pro is a premium add-on toolkit with advanced features designed for the film and tv professional. With an Industry Pro upgrade, you unlock all of the Industry Pro features on all devices including Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps.

That means current Industry Pro users who are on the iPhone or iPad apps will automatically get access to all of the features of Mac.

Industry Pro features vary by device, but can include: note transfer, actor highlighting, the page maker, sides creator tool, advanced Layers tools, and ScriptationCompare.


Anything else I need to know?

So much else and so many other features to explore. But you have to download Scriptation in the Mac App Store first!

Then you can take advantage of our free master class, taught by an Emmy-winning director and Scriptation legend. We also have a ton of step-by-step tutorials and resources for you on our social media and help desk.

We hope you love Scriptation for Mac!