Scriptation Showcase Script Competition Announces 2023 Teleplay Finalists

The Scriptation Showcase is pleased to announce its 2023 finalists for the Teleplay category! Congratulations to these talented writers and thanks to everyone who submitted this year.

Comedy Teleplay

  • Cultish by Michael Mortimer
  • Fruit of My Loins by Gage Swanston and William Kisor
  • Monsterlogues by Kanja Chen
  • The Hopeful Romantic by Marissa Ziets
  • The Libary by Katie Crone

Drama Teleplay

  • Back Fires by Alex Blumberg
  • Baptized by Fire by Jack Gorman and Shannon Walsh
  • Eden Street by Jeff Kaufman
  • The Coach by Searlait Coffey
  • The Park by Duane Smith and Stefane Barbeau

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