Scriptation Showcase Script Competition Announces Finalists

The Scriptation Showcase is pleased to announce its 2019 finalists! Congratulations to these talented writers and thanks to everyone who submitted this year.

The 2019 Scriptation Showcase finalists are:

Comedy Screenplay

  • Art Appreciation by Mark Provencher and Jennifer Titus
  • Hit Escape by Mark Reynolds
  • The V Club by Steven Bolia

Drama Screenplay

  • Cracked by Gus Avila
  • Glitches by Kelly Beck-Byrnes
  • Six Sons of a Bitch by Connor Weber

Comedy Teleplay

  • Chosenville by Jessica Kane
  • Lance Herostar’s Space Adventures… in Space! by Pete D’Alessandro
  • The Witch That Got Away by Colleen Glennon

Drama Teleplay

  • Badass by Kelly Beck-Byrnes
  • Man Eaters by Alexandra Mackey
  • The Bliss Killer by LeLe Park

Short Script

  • Capsule by M. Rowan Meyer
  • Dragonfly by Julia Morizawa
  • The Last Creation by Brad Cooper

The Grand prize winner, and the Best Overall Screenplay, Teleplay, and Short, will be announced on November 22nd.

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