Scriptation x Cinapse

We’re thrilled to announce that Cinapse has partnered with Scriptation to revolutionize the script breakdown to schedule workflow for ADs, UPMs, and producers!

“At Cinapse, we believe in an open integration ecosystem with other film and TV production software — this is the first step toward creating a seamless, more efficient production process. Together, we can set a new standard for what’s possible in film and TV production management.” – The Cinapse Team

And we couldn’t agree more! By integrating Scriptation with Cinapse’s scheduling capabilities, we’ve streamlined the transition from script breakdown straight into production planning. We can’t wait to seeing how this synergy empowers creatives to work even more efficiently.

How can you get started?

After you tag your script in Scriptation Tagging, you can now upload your Breakdown Summary CSV Report directly into Cinapse. All the tags from your script will transfer to and create corresponding breakdown sheets with elements in Cinapse.

Scriptation → Cinapse Workflow

  1. Tag your script in Scriptation.
  2. While in Tagging Mode, select Reports, choose the Breakdown Summary CSV Report, name your report and save it.
  3. Upload the CSV to Cinapse.
  4. Cinapse will create breakdown sheets with Scene Number, INT/EXT, Set Name, DAY/NIGHT, Page Count, and any tagged elements from each scene.
  5. Custom tagging categories created in Scriptation will also will be created in Cinapse when you upload the CSV

What about when my tags change in Scriptation?

  • No problem. Just export a new CSV report from Scriptation, then upload that new CSV to Cinapse. Cinapse will update your breakdown sheets according to the newest Scriptation CSV.
  • For the time being, you may need to manually reconcile some elements. But don’t worry, ‘Find & Replace’ and ‘Merge Elements’ are two new features coming soon to Cinapse that will help you with this!

Add additional scripts into an existing Cinapse file

For both Scriptation and Final Draft files, you can upload unlimited additional Scriptation .CSV or Final Draft .FDX or .FDR files into your existing schedule file, and Cinapse will:

  • Update the breakdown sheets (e.g. if you get a new version of the script)
  • Add new breakdown sheets (e.g. if you get a brand new script for another episode)

For even more info, check out Cinapse’s release notes here.