Highlight lines automatically

Designed for Actors and Sound Mixers.
Actor Highlight ensures you never have to scramble at table reads again.

Automatic detection

Just open your script and let Scriptation do the rest.

Character names and their dialogues are automatically recognized, and in seconds, you can highlight all your lines in the script.


Easy on, easy off

One-tap toggles allow you to instantly highlight actor’s lines with the tap of a button or click of a mouse.

Need to turn the highlights off at any point? No problem. Simply tap the toggle again to clear out the annotations.

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Powerful color selection

Choose from up to 16 color presets to assign each character name and their dialogues.

You’re never locked into a selection, as just one tap allows you to make a different choice at any time.

Scriptation Team

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Keep notes separated

Actor Highlights are kept separate from standard annotations, so you can turn them on and off without them interfering with the rest of your work.

Separated notes means your can view your script with maximum clarity at any time.


Integrated with Layers

Actor Highlights are integrated with Scriptation Layers.

With your annotations in three-dimensions, Actor Highlights will be displayed regardless of which layer is currently active, or if multiple layers are shown at the same time.

Scriptation PDF Annotation App Film TV Production Transfer Notes

Reader Mode highlights

Actor highlights are carried over into Reader Mode.

Automatically highlight lines using standard or Reader Mode, and easily switch between them. Combine it with Auto Scroll for the ultimate, hands-free experience.


Actor highlighting is a game-changer for me as a production sound mixer. It makes it much easier to follow text during a scene. I love Scriptation.

Actor highlighting is a game changer for me as a production sound mixer. It makes it much easier to follow text during a scene. I love Scriptation.

Viktor Iversen
Sound Mixer, Happy Birthday to You

Feature breakdown

Actor Highlight is one of the many reasons Scriptation is the must-have PDF annotation app for going paperless among Oscar and Emmy-winning directors, cinematographers, producers, and writers.

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