Press Release | Scriptation makes script collaboration possible with Shareable Layers

Scriptation, Hollywood’s go-to app for scripts used on 1000+ productions worldwide, announced the release of its newest collaboration feature, Shareable Layers.

Since it debuted early last year, Layers has become one of the script reading and annotating app’s most popular features. Layers allows Scriptation users to organize their annotations, including highlights, photos, and written notes, into separate displays that can be toggled on and off.

With Shareable Layers, users can now share their annotations with other Scriptation users as a Scriptation Layer File (.slf), who can import them into their own PDF script.

“Now everyone is literally on the same page,” said Scriptation CEO and founder, Steven Vitolo. “Instead of jumping back and forth between documents, users can view everyone’s notes on a single PDF. It’s a huge step forward for productions that value collaboration.”

“I love being able to share notes with my team.” said Emmy award-winning director Michael Spiller (Modern Family, The Mindy Project). “Department heads, guest directors, and writers can read my ideas and questions right alongside their own notes. And I can see additional thoughts from writers, including expanded character descriptions and backstory, that weren’t included in the original draft.”

Shareable Layers can also be used for writers at any level who receive notes on their scripts. Instead of managing feedback on multiple PDFs and email threads, script notes can be viewed on a single PDF document, enabling writers to address notes more efficiently.

With today’s release of Scriptation 3.1. filmmakers can get started using Scriptation for free in the App Store. Shareable Layers is part Industry Pro, an upgradeable toolset for designed industry professionals. However, Scriptation users without an Industry Pro license can receive layers completely free of charge.

About Scriptation

Founded by a television writer and script coordinator, Scriptation is a technology company committed to developing solutions for the cast and crew of film, television, and video productions worldwide.

The Scriptation iOS app is a free script reading and annotating app. The app features note transferring technology, which is designed to make the script revision process more efficient and ecofriendly.