Scriptation Mention | Australian Actress Ashleigh Cummings Shares Her Eco-Friendly Practices

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How do you maintain a low carbon footprint when you are traveling or on set for work?

My omnipresent backpack always contains a small linen bag, steel cutlery and straws, eco-friendly takeaway containers, and my eco-friendly bottle from Yuhme. For travel, I B.Y.O. LifeStraw Steel so I never have to buy water! I have taken the same straw with me through the Moroccan Sahara, the Zambian jungle, and the Kenyan Maasai plains where I have sipped directly from countless numbers of brown, viscous natural water sources and never once been sick as a result!

Here are some other tips:

1. Pack light: Every extra kilo produces more carbon emissions.

2. Fly economy. The higher classes increase your carbon footprint significantly.

3. Take public transport. It’s a far more enriching and immersive experience anyway.

4. When it comes to hotels, don’t use the convenient little bottles of toiletries; make sure you switch off all plugs and devices when you leave; don’t get your room cleaned each day or towels refreshed. There are also plenty of eco-accommodations these days.

Work can be a little trickier. The crew on my projects is very aware of my bright blue reusable water bottle which is the only vessel I will drink from, and the poor ADs are constantly asking over the radio if anyone has spotted it—sometimes it’s in the frame. I don’t use paper scripts anymore but opt for an app called Scriptation on my iPad, and I always use the reusable plates and silverware at lunch. From the outset, I also try to establish a sustainable and ethical kit with my hair and makeup team.